I Want. I Make. I Have.

I adore this necklace. I saw it today and desperately wanted it, though its $250 price tag prevented me from clicking "add to cart."

I've seen similar designs in the yoga community, Chakra jewelry. As I studied the version for Free People, I thought, "If I'd made that necklace, I'd have paid more attention to the symbolism of the colors; I'd have chosen beads that imbue the natural world."

So I did.

After work, I met the lovely and talented Nicole at our local bead store, where she helped me select beads and wire. I chose clear, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple beads to represent the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, respectively. (Learn more about all that stuff here.)

I found other beads and charms to symbolize concepts that are often on my mind: a feather for freedom, a bird for journey, a leaf for change and a small wooden oval for strength.

I added two turquoise beads because both Native Americans and Sherpa lore suggests that turquoise enhances communication and guards against evil.

And then I strung it together.

It's not perfect, and as I look at it I see elements I'd change for Katie's Necklace Version 2.0, but it cost far less than $250, and it's far more me than anything I could have purchased. I'm excited to wear it tomorrow.

Here's a closer look, and kindly ignore the dirty carpet.

(I also love this necklace, also designed by Beth Orduna, who is close to usurping Jeanine Payer as my favorite jewelry artist.)


Paige Jennifer said...

I have a thing for scarves. And by 'thing' I mean a pile of 30 or so. But the one I knit myself is the only one that has special meaning.

Wear your homemade necklace well - it's beautiful!

Jen Yu said...

That's awesome. I love making stuff myself and you're right - it has more meaning. Good on ya!

Kerry said...

I love that necklace and it looks just the same! good job!

Shauna said...

Quite nice. I love making my own jewelry. We should have a jewelry making party sometime.

fastgrrrl said...

Pretty. Presents you make mean more. Even if they're for yourself. I love it, Girl Blue!