More HA HA, less WAH WAH.

That is my pledge to you, dear readers.

And to start, I'll share more hilarity from my new favorite artist, Ms. Natalie Dee.

I think my favorite thing about the above cartoon is that it is titled, "Just lookit that smug dude."

Her use of colloquialism and humor is wonderful; I might be more drawn to it than many people because Natalie resides in Ohio, in an area similar to my home in Pennsylvania, so much of the language and imagery she uses is familiar to me. FAMILIAR AND SCARY.

Check her out.

The cartoon in this post is especially funny to me today because yesterday, Arnie and I stopped at the dog park on the way home from work, only to find 10 GOLDEN RETRIEVERS wagging their tails and smiling at nothing in particular (they're like the stoned expats you see in Pokhara, Nepal - friendly, shaggy, staring into the middle distance, not entirely surewhat their names are). IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER.

I'm serious: 10 Goldens, including my Arnie. The best part was - wait for it - there was ANOTHER ARNIE RETRIVER. Also named for Arnold Palmer, this one had a sister named Winnie (also at the park), and he and my Arnie chased, wrestled and barked at wach other for an hour. Then a pug named Sophie came along and broke up the revelry.

I love the dog park.

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