And Speaking of Saint....

This is unacceptable.

Saint does not appear pleased with having his name shaved into his side. I am stating this publicly now, today, at 9:11 Mountain Time on January the eighth in the year two thousand and eight: BRAD, DO NOT SHAVE ARNIE'S NAME INTO HIS SIDE.

You've threatened to shave a lightning bolt into his side ("Because he's so fast!"), a number into his fur ("Like kids in Mormon families!"), to paint him pink ("He likes pink!") and, most recently, to dye him the two-toned speckles of a Heeler ("Because he's an honorary Heeler now!").

The owner did this because she was sick of answering people when they asked, "What's your dog's name?"

Oh my god, it's one syllable - it's "Saint." It isn't "Mister Knickerbocker." It isn't "Sir Adolfus GoldenDog." It's not even "Denali." (Don't even get me started on THAT choice....)

One syllable. You can do it, say it with me now: SAINT. Now get that dog a cover of some sort before he gets sunburned.

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