Terrible and Unthinkable

Chris Hunnicutt died today. Our friend, our housemate, our new brother. He was climbing the Stairway to Heaven in Provo Canyon. He was out of screws and running it out. He was level with the anchor (tree) and traversing toward it when he came off and fell upwards of 120 feet. He landed on his head and by all accounts, was killed immediately.

I am sad for Chris, who was sweet and gentle and kind and humble. I am sad for his family - his brother, Paul, and his parents. They were very close. Paul flew in to Salt Lake tongiht; Brad and Courtney (one of Chris's close friends) just left to pick him up.

I am so angry at the universe for taking another good one. What about the pedophiles, the rapists? Why take Chris? And as I type I'm struck by the audacity of calling the universe out on something - like I expect the universe to subscribe to my structure of fairness. It's anthropomorphizing to an utmost.

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