This is beautiful

As I start to create more of a feeling of home throughout our house (using tiles I picked up in Mexico as drink coasters, hanging a photograph of Mt. Timp taken by a friend, lighting candles in a Eucalyptus hurricane), I am thinking about the things that matter to me (even as I try to suggest that "things" don't matter at all. I can't seem to part with my collection of Vogue Magazines or New Yorkers. I will not give up my old, nubby pile jacket from Patagonia, even though I can't even remember the last time I wore it.

And as I look around for beauty to add to our home, I turn to the art of Rie Munoz, which my dear friend Megan told me about. Megan owns several Munoz originals as well as some prints, and the vibe in her home is nothing but rosy-cheeks-just-in-from-the-snow psyche.

Rie is apparently getting on in years, but her wok chronicles like in Alaskan fishing villages like nothing else. I love Crane, Northern Lights and especially Peacable Alaska.

Here's her website: http://www.riemunoz.com

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