The Punchy Hour, brought to you by Lord Tweedmouth

I've written about Lord Tweedmouth before. The father of the Golden Retriever, he's the fellow to thank for the floppy-haired, big-pawed, snuggly, wiggly, loving, compassionate, goofy beast in your life.

Thanks, LT.

Every now and again, especially during the punchy hour*, I type Golden Retriever into Google, just to see if there'sanything new (i.e. cute) online.

There always is.

Today's video features such highlights as golden puppies rolling in the dirt (no surprise there), bagpipe music (they're Scottish, after all), gratuitous smiling, nonstop wagging, more puppies rolling in the dirt, a bit of synchronized swimming, and the narrator referring to a recognized Scottish Lord as "The Tweedster." Obviously.

*The Punchy Hour was coined by PN of BBM and refers to the time of day when all hell broke loose in the office. It usually involved MD and I laughing so hysterically that one or both of us would fall out of our chairs. Often PN would join in, but not before shaking his head and trying reeeeeallly hard to admonish us. The punchy hour was directly related to low blood sugar, over-caffeination, puppies (usually Arnie) misbehaving in the office, ill-advised first dates, fashion don'ts, and the retelling (and reenacting) of events that took place under the effects of much, much alcohol. It's a wonderful, silly time of day, and it's just not the same without MD and an espresso machine.

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I Love Your Whole Face said...

Oh my god. I am going all googly over these sweet puppies! love my golden! even if she is a little "special" ha ha