A Doing Post

I write two types of posts: doing posts and feeling posts. Doing posts come together quickly, usually in list form. They comprise images and surface-level thoughts; they’re track listings. Feeling posts are harder to write. They contain equal parts whining, complaining, guilt, and fear; they’re the self-indulgent liner notes (“I’d like to thank God and my fans, you know who you are…”).

This is a doing post to fill you in on what’s been happening at the compound lately.

1. Brad took top 5 racing in his new motocross class. That’s a very big deal (it's a super competitive class), and despite my discomfort with the sport (too dangerous!), I’m very happy for him.

2. We found out that Red has hip dysplasia and arthritis. Even though that news was very, very sad, we were grateful to learn that we can manage his pain and keep him happy. In fact, since putting Red on a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (Deramaxx, which doesn’t hurt his liver or tummy), he’s shifted from a forlorn, mopey, snappy dingo to the sweet, smiley, cuddly animal we remember. We also tried acupuncture to treat his pain, but despite the very skilled efforts of the kindest vet in the world, Red just didn’t enjoy being poked with needles. In fact, he was so distraught he delivered a dose of Heeler acupuncture to Brad’s face.

If you look closely, you can see where Red acupunctured Brad. He felt very guilty and didn't want to leave the safe zone between couch and wall (where no one could get at him with a needle). It's ok, Red—no more acupuncture for you.

3. Arnold officially became a Good Dog. After six years of sweet, goofy, all-id living, Arnie and I went to Basic Dog Training (he had to learn the basics if he is to become a therapy dog). It was good for both of us—he had fun and I learned all the rules I’ve been ignoring. He even graduated first in his class! (He was the only dog there.) It was wonderful to see how proud Arnie was on graduation day. We’re proud, too. Our big golden horse will make a wonderful therapy dog.

If you look closely, you'll see that the instructor crossed out "Puppy" to write "Basic." Yes, this class is usually intended for puppies--dogs who are 6-months old, not 6-years old. I don't mind, though. We're thrilled for our little Spicolli.

See the resemblance?

4. I bought this Anna Maria Horner pattern—the Empire Evening Dress.

It reminds me of Grateful Dead hippie garb, which I love, as well as my favorite dress of all time: J. Crew’s Patchwork Talitha Dress (which debuted about 5 years ago, and cost something like $500, so I never owned it, but I adored it from afar and still look for it on eBay from time to time).

5. I also bought this Anna Maria pattern, a versatile tunic that will work in lightweight and wintry fabrics.

I really like it, but I think the sewing might be a bit over my head, so I’ll work on it here this summer.

6. My first quilt is done! We've been sleeping under it (and the dogs have been sleeping on top if it) every night. I love it, and have pictures to share, but sadly, they're on my camera, and I don't have the download cable with me. They'll show up soon. Also, my second quilt is well underway.

Since I took this photo (with the Dingo for scale), I've made about 20 more blocks, so I think I'm almost ready to sew the top together. I still need to organize the blocks properly, to get the correct color array within each diamond. I also have to choose a backing fabric...I haven't seen anything in our local shops that really wows me for this. Anyone have any suggestions?

That's all for now. Good weekends, all.


Sara said...

I ordered the Empire Evening dress pattern as well. I remember the J Crew dress from a couple of years ago and I always loved it. I didn't make the connection, but now I might have to add that to my to do list.

I Love Your Whole Face said...

Way to go Arnie. Finley flunked out of two obedience classes. I have since given up and just live with her spastic behavior!