Now I Talk at You

Let's talk about the Superbowl commercials. As an ad writer, it's my job to find the funniest/most clever spots, and then rip them off. If my work in the next year looks like any of the stuff below, don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Officially it's known as the Budweiser "Fences" spot, but I like to call it: Why I will never eat animals again. Now I want a calf. And a foal.

2. I thought the CareerBuilder ads were all spot on. With unemployment sky high and the country treading economic water, the business of finding a job is serious enough. That's why these light-hearted 30-second spots delighted me so much. Also, they used consumer-generated content (the only ads of the bowl to do so, I believe)! Here's my favorite of the three:

3. I love this spot because it cast several members of the Guest Comedy Troupe. And because it's so like a pre-pro meeting, and in fact every meeting I've ever been to. Plus, the message within the message is a good trick--people are learning without even realizing it.

4. Monster.com also kept the job-hunting reminder light, which was well-advised. Of course I love this spot. A rags to riches storyline, furry animals, a nonsensical leap (asking the viewers to accept a fiddling beaver with no explanation)...it's all there.

5. I thought the Google spot was lovely, right down to the music. How interesting that we could all follow and maybe even identify with the story, told via tools that weren't even invented the last time the Saints played in the Superbowl.

Oh, and here's what I thought about some of the other ads:

1. Budwesier "Book Club" -- Ugh. Reverting to the typical male archetype of dumb, horny, beer swiller? Come on. You can do better.
2. Bridgestone, both spots: Meh. Too reliant on pop culture, plus grossly expensive productions with little purpose. And the "life/wife" thing? Old joke.
3. E-Trade talking babies: I thought they were creepy when they debuted a couple years ago, I think they're creepy now.


Anonymous said...

Tools not invented the last time the Saints played in the Super Bowl?

Those include:
fire (mmm, fire good),
wheel (grunt, grunt),
and the club the one monkey used to brain the other monkey at the beginning of "2001"

Boo to your knowledge of sports history! BOO!

KatieGirlBlue said...

Oh...I thought the Saints played in the Superbowl like 40 years ago. I don't know why, I probably just made it up and went with it. Anyway, thanks to my Anonymous friend (ahem, brother) for setting me straight.

tiffp said...

mi sono colpita dal tuo blog.
its going to be my culture connection :))) let me know what happens with la tavola italiana

Anonymous said...

I tried to link a disapproving rabbit to scowl at your knowledge of Super Bowl trivia, but I was too dumb to figure that one out