A Start

Sartorial satisfaction in the form of a new tunic:

Creative inspiration from Heather Ross's Far Far Away fabric line. Unicorns. Obviously.

Something to look forward to: a trip to the shore with my mom, followed by a journey here for a sewing workshop.

Enjoying the moment: Dinner with a friend. A fire in the stove. To bed at 8:30.The dogs sleeping on my feet.

Finding joy in the unexpected: Arnie in training to be a Therapy Dog. And I'm proud to say that his training is going very, very well. It's been fascinating for me to see how quickly he learns, how he wants to learn--just soaks up information and cues. It seems to make him super happy, too--he wags his tail the whole time we're training. He's going to be a wonderful therapy animal.

A new approach: I called a few schools today and asked about graphic design courses. There are no fashion design or merchandising courses in Utah, so I'll gladly settle for some graphic design coursework to learn how to use the software and some of the basic elements of color, layout, etc. I'm excited to see where it leads.

Dreamtime: I visited the Aga website today and requested a catalog. I've wanted an Aga (in midnight or robin's egg) for years and years. Someday I'll have the kitchen for one. In the meantime, I'll have inspiration.


Kate said...

Goshen, Vt is about three hrs. from me but I would gladly meet somewhere midway while you are visiting! Where is the tunic from?

Cindy said...

Where did you get the tunic? I love me a tunic.

Hurray for Arnie!

KatieGirlBlue said...

Patagonia tunic. I got it in "seaport blue" (or something like that, basically a warm, rich turquoise. It's a very pretty color, but I think the piece would be more functional if it were a bit longer. It barely covers my butt, making it too short for wear with leggings and the like.

NFH said...

Totally an Aga fan. My grandparents had a coal fired one in England (grew up there in the summers.) Always remember the smell and the solidness of it. Have wanted one ever since, especially for a mountain home. They only make them in gas now, the bums. Also, if you like nice stoves, check out La Canche. I'm thinking now that I'd rather make my own stove than buy one, just more self reliant.
Keep kicking ass up there.
NFH & crew

KatieGirlBlue said...

NFH--so funny. I didn't know who you were until I started reading your comment. You channeled CR so accurately, sounded so much like him, that I knew at once. Thanks for the tip on La Canche. I'll check them out.