I Hear

Coughs and sniffles.
Neil Diamond on Pandora Radio (Quiet, you. Neil rocks.)

I Taste
Coke Zero.

I Smell
Pacifica Spanish Amber—invigorating, earthy, woodsy.

I See
A stack of work orders I shouldn’t be ignoring.

I Feel
Anxious to go home and take Arnie for a run.
Lucky that I can.
Excited for dinner with friends tonight.


Kate said...

I looooooveeee Pacifica Spanish Amber - especially this time of year. Tibetan Mtn. Temple is nice too. Actually, I think I like almost everything they make. I could go for a Coke Zero about now too...

John said...

I can't recall the name of the record, but Neil did one produced by Rick Rubin a couple years ago that was in the vein of Rubin's first American Recordings session w/ Johnny Cash. Almost nothing but vox/guitar. Neil has a cool voice & he's a passable player, but the format really drove home what a gifted songwriter he is. All of the Brill Building people were just studs (or studettes)