Ew, Ah...

Things that make me sad:

Airport bars

Women who wear skinny jeans, fake tans and stripper heels well into their 40s. Or ever.

Ed Hardy apparel. I mean, come on people, really? With the graffiti and the bling?

Leaving Arnie and Red Dog for 10 days. Especially Arnie. Red appears to understand what's happening. Knows that my leaving him isn't permanent. Arnie doesn't seem to get it, and I think he thinks I've left him forever. Here's a photo illustrates their differing grasps on what's happening in the world.

Things that give me joy:

Talking to Nicole and Lizzie who are caring for Arnie like he's one of their own.

Spending the 4th with Brad and my brother, who's become a climber!

Being on VACATION for the next 10 days!

Going to Santa Cruz.

Going to the ocean.

Going to the Hulk.

Going to Tuolumne.

I'm so excited.


Cindy said...

Just to let you know: I'm well into my 40s and have given up skinny jeans. Never have done fake tans. Not sure what stripper heels are.

We're headed up to Tuolumne in a few weeks. We've drive through a lot in the past years but haven't camped there. Let me know what makes you sad and gives you joy there.

Kate said...

Have a great time!

woofslc said...

Hey Katie,

Thanks for the heads-up on Tanner in Riverton, I called the rescue, luckily they found four potential foster homes for him in the nick of time, otherwise, I was about to put out an APB for No More Homeless to see if we could rescue him. I just had another one pulled from SL county, so I'm not sure I have too many more favors coming, but luckily Stacie seems to have it under control for now :)

Thanks for hitting me up with that. Ya know, good foster homes are the key to rescue...perhaps Arnie and Red Dog might like a foster sibling sometime in the future :))))