Still here

Good lord. So much for that goal of "writing more."

But there's been lots of activity here in the past couple weeks. We journeyed to Bozeman to visit a friend and ski. We took the boys and skied with them, which was a rare treat, because we can't really ski with them here (Big and Little Cottonwood are watersheds for the City, so even though the snowcats leak hydraulic fluid into the ground and the old mines leach nasty chemicals into the streams, dogs can't play there because they might pee).

They had a wonderful time; they love skiing.

It's been nice.

So much has changed since my last post - the inaguration (Yay Obama!), the reversal of the Mexico City rule (Yay Obama!), the establishment of citron as the color of the season (Yay Michelle!) and new snow in the Wasatch.

It was a wonderful weekend of skiing, climbing, eating good food, spending time with friends, making big plans....

More to come.

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