This weekend, Brad and I and some dear friends met in Idaho for some climbing, eating, drinking (thanks, Ian, for the grappa!) and campfires.

We were in the City of Rocks. Here are some photos, courtesy of Nicole (and you're so lucky, because Nicole is a total magician with a camera...check out her site to see how amazing she is).

Here I am with my boys (see my fancy and protective sunshirt? I bought it at a secondhand store for $8. It's like a Hokusai on polyester...):

Here's Brad sending a hard, technical route while the rest of us sat around and waited for him to put the rope up:

Here's Lizzie with the Foxy Moxie (note her pretty polka-dotted collar):

Here are some ponies:
I know I sound like Fletch again ("and here are the dogs who tried to bite me, and this is my rental car...") but I can't help it, because I think Nicole's pictures are so pretty, I want you all to see them.

And one final shot of Idaho. See? It's not all doomsday cults and potatoes. There are rocks there, too:


Kerry said...

awesome picture of you! so pretty!

Teri and Mark said...

These photos are amazing! You look so healthy, happy and beautiful!

fastgrrrl said...

Pretty! You and Lizzie and Idaho too.

Andrew McLean said...

Paaa... pppppaa... PONIES! And they are hugging no less.