I ran (walked) the Wasatch Speedgoat 50k on Saturday, and even though I kept trying to quit, Brad saw to it that I finished. He recruited Catherine and Roch to help me feel motivated and happy and strong, and at every aid station, at the top of every climb (and even at the bottom of some of them), he was right there with me. I'm lucky. Seeing his huge smile at the finish line made me want to work harder in everything I do.

I'm so glad I finished. I'm so proud right now. Maybe next time I'll actually train. I feel great now...imagine how I'd feel if I'd actually taken the race seriously and given it the respect it deserved...if I'd like, worn shorts with pockets, eaten food during the race or even carried more than one bottle of water....

The next day, July 22nd, was our 1st wedding anniversary, and after a wonderful weekend togehter - including brunch, climbing and swimming together on Sunday - I feel like we're teammates again.

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Dave said...

Congrats!!! That's a huge deal!